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When my mum was ill, I left work to become her full-time carer. 

It was difficult time where I couldn’t leave the house so I needed something to do that would mean not leaving her on her own, but something she could get involved in too.

Pair Bears was born from a passion for all things different and unique.  Making and creating different and unusual jewellery led me to where I am now.
Pair Bears loves anything elegant and everything unique which is why we had "From the elegant - to the Unique" trademarked just for us.

As for mum, she loved helping putting the items on cards and in bags and placing the stickers on the products which was all she could manage to do.

 Sadly she has since passed away, but I will always carry the memory of her starting the journey of Pair Bears with me, and I honour her in continuing….


“from the elegant – to the unique”

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