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About the Website

To make a more pleasant experience for our customers have categorized and grouped our products on the website as per below:

JEWELLERY:  If you are wanting to see EVERYTHING we have in our store then click on this and it will show you all that we have at the moment . 


You can then see the different Categories on the left hand side of the next section.  If you would just like to see our KEYRING range, then click on this and it will show you all of the keyrings, if you just want the NECKLACES or EARRINGS, then click on these titles, OR if you want to know what we have in the TOOLS & TRADES section, click on this and it will show all necklaces, earrings, keyrings, pins, brooches in that category. (You can also do this by "hovering" over the JEWELLERY word and scrolling down to your choice.)

If you look further below on the left hand of the screen you can filter by several types.

Let us know if you have any difficulties or have a suggestion to better improve your experience.

Click on the link below to email us your comments,  or use the contact us section under HOME

Come visit us often as we are adding new things all the time!

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